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Episode 200:  Functional Impact: When A Tongue Tie Is ACTUALLY A Tongue Tie

HAPPY 200 episodes to The Untethered Podcast! In honor of 200 episodes over 3.5 years (we haven’t missed a week!) Hallie is talking about one of our most asked about topics: TONGUE TIES! With growing awareness, there is still confusion as to what qualifies as a tethered oral tissue (e.g., tongue tie) versus a typical frenula.

In this short episode, Hallie highlights what you MUST know about tongue ties; including what actually qualifies as a tie.  Parents will learn signs & symptoms to monitor to determine if further assessment may be needed.  Providers will learn the importance of pre- and post-op therapy surrounding tethered oral tissue (e.g., tongue and lip tie) release and the impact tongue ties may have on a child. This episode is a must listen whether you “believe” in tongue ties or not!

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