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Episode 204: Progressing Through Play and TOTs with Dr. Brita Destefano

Today Hallie talks with Dr. Brita Destefano PT, DPT, PCS as they discuss all things Tethered Oral Tissues (TOTs) and infant development. As a part of the TOT’s care team, PTs play a role in helping children with concerns related to posture/neck tension (e.g., torticollis), feeding, digestion, head shape (e.g., plagiocephaly),  and other motor delays or disorders that may be at play. Dr. Brita shares her passion for helping parents to understand their child’s individual developmental trajectory (hint: milestones are important but not the end all be all!) in an effort to help children achieve optimal function.

Dr. Brita’s gentle sense of humor and her own experience as a mom of children with TOTs makes her very relatable. She shares her evaluation and treatment process and effort to educate others through her business, Progress Through Play.

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