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Episode 254:  M is for Measurement with Dr. Karen Parker Davidson DHA, MSA, M.Ed., MSN, RN

This week on The Untethered Podcast, Hallie features Dr. Karen Parker Davidson, a renowned expert in the field of nasal function, objective nasal measurements, the interpretation of the data for treatment options and clinical progress, and the instruments used to capture the measurement data.

Join Dr. Karen and Hallie as they talk about the interconnected world of oral and nasal function. They also discuss how rhinomanometry provides crucial insights into airflow and nasal anatomy, how issues like tongue-tie and mouth posture can impact nasal breathing, and how myofunctional therapy can make a difference. 

Discover the importance of assessing nasal function alongside oral ties, considering factors like congestion and airflow resistance. Learn about the subjective signs—like chronic congestion and sleep disturbances—that point to underlying issues, and more!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Importance of measurement in the medical field
  • Introduction to rhinomanometry
  • Collaboration between healthcare professionals
  • History and development of rhinomanometry
  • Early intervention and prevention of airway issues
  • Connection between nasal function and health conditions
  • Red flags for airway dysfunction
  • Role of the trigeminal nerve in nasal function
  • Myofunctional therapy and its relevance to nasal function
  • Anatomical changes in the nose with age
  • Objective measurements in assessing nasal function
  • Role of genetics in nasal development


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