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Episode 261:  Beyond the Numbers: Diving into Hallie’s Home Sleep Test Results 2 Year Post Op with Ken Hooks, RRT, RPSGT

This week’s episode features Ken Hooks, a sleep specialist and founder of True Sleep Diagnostics. He offers home sleep tests (“HST”) and has extensive experience in the field. Ken previously worked at Bon Secours St Francis and Greenville Technical College and co-authored a case report on treating pediatric sleep apnea.

Join Ken and Hallie as they discuss the results of Hallie’s follow-up HST, comparing it to her first HST from March 2022. Listen as they explore the validity and interpretation of home sleep tests, highlighting the importance of deep sleep and REM sleep. 

They also discuss the impact of upper airway resistance on sleep quality and the challenges with end-title CO2 monitoring. Their conversation covers various topics related to home sleep studies and airway health including discussions on insurance coverage, the importance of spO2 pleth in sleep studies, the impact of cardiac function during sleep, airflow dynamics and resistance, and more!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Home Sleep Tests and Interpretation
  • Comparison of Sleep Study Results
  • Factors Affecting Sleep Quality
  • Impact of Upper Airway Resistance on Sleep
  • Challenges with end-title CO2 Monitoring
  • Insurance Reimbursement for Home Sleep Tests
  • Importance of SpO2 Pleth
  • Cardiac Function during Sleep
  • Airflow Dynamics and Resistance
  • Baseline Pulse Rate
  • Baseline Comparison
  • Future Expansion Options
  • Mouth Taping Considerations and Oral Appliances
  • Mouth Tape and Airway Safety
  • Mouth Tape as a Temporary Solution


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