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Episode 273:  Dairy Allergies & Elimination with Hallie Bulkin

On the podcast this week,  Hallie discusses her experience with cutting out dairy from her and her daughters’ diets. She shares the challenges and benefits of eliminating dairy, as well as the importance of choosing dairy alternatives carefully. 

Hallie also explores the topic of food allergies and the impact of diet on behavior and overall health. She provides tips for healthy snack options and emphasizes the need to be mindful of the ingredients we consume.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The Journey of Cutting Out Dairy
  • Choosing Dairy Alternatives: Not All Created Equal
  • The Impact of Food Allergies on Behavior and Health
  • Healthy Snack Options for a Dairy-Free Diet
  • Replacing Refined Sugars in Baked Goods


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