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Episode 212: The Soma Appliance: Balancing The Body, Calming The Nervous System with Dr. Jasmine Elmore, DDS, CSOM, PDBSc

Dr. Jasmine Elmore rejoins Hallie on the podcast almost two years after their first episode together! During this time, Jasmine has been on a journey of discovery as shared during this episode with the recent launch of her SOMA-focused practice. SOMA stands for Splint Orthopedic Myofunctional Appliance (“SOMA”) and is a dental appliance with its own unique system of adjustments and protocols. It aims to help with the TMJ, musculature, and airway. 

Hallie and Jasmine deep dive into the full body benefits of the SOMA and other integrated therapies as this holistic approach to optimal health aims to balance the body and calm the nervous system. This jam-packed episode also covers a patient-centered approach and key factors to consider when looking to increase your professional skillset (and more)!

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Career Transformation and “Failures” The Pave The Way
  • The Long Road to Understanding The Soma Appliance Created By Dr. Joseph Da Cruz
  • Balancing the Body and Calming the Nervous System: The Impact of Soma Appliances on Psychological Well-Being
  • Integrating Traditional and Holistic Medicine for Better Health Outcomes
  • How to Stay on the Path to Health and Wellness
  • A Journey of Discovering True Self: From Warrior to Gardener
  • Finding the Holistic Treatment Pathway: Listening to the Patient, Meeting Them Where They Are and Learning Together
  • Unlocking the Ultimate Knowledge and Skillset [Feed The Peds®; The Soma Appliance]
  • The Art and Science of Muscle-Informed Exercise for Treating Patients
  • Putting the Patient First: Elevating Your Skillset, Identity, and Mentorship 
  • Lasting Relief and Improvement with SOMA
  • The Struggle to Talk About the Quiet Genius: How Our Bodies Respond to Everyday Life.
  • Dental Distress Syndrome: Impact on Body Functioning; Understanding the Impact on Homeostasis and Neurology
  • Expectation, Positive Thinking & Arming Yourself With Education: The Key to Finding Your Ideal Therapy Plan and Health Goals



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Articles/Books Mentioned In This Episode:

A New Generation of Dental Appliance 

How the SOMA impacts the whole body from a psychologist’s perspective 

Dental Distress Syndrome Excerpt

Dental Distress Syndrome by AC Fonder

Life Energy by John Diamond (1990)


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