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Episode 219:  Rapid Palatal Expansion for Airway Clearance and Mia’s Airway Journey  with Hallie Bulkin, MA, CCC-SLP, CMT®, COM

Join Hallie and her adorable 5-year-old daughter, Mia, as they delve into Mia’s remarkable airway journey on this week’s episode of The Untethered Podcast.

As early as 5 days old, Mia had a tongue and lip tie release to help with breastfeeding. She later had rapid palatal expansion which she shares on this episode. 

In this fun and informative episode, Hallie and Mia emphasize the significance of maintaining airway health by sleeping with a closed mouth and nasal breathing. Mia also re-learns where our tongue should be at rest! 

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Mia’s Airway Journey: Spacers, Planas Tracks, Rapid Palatal Expander, and Temporary Fixed Retainer
  • Rapid Palatal Expansion to Aid in Airway Expansion in Children
  • Nasal Rinsing
  • Nasal Hygiene Tips for Good Airway Health explained by a 5 year old


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