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Episode 225:  Trust Your Gut with Jessie Blois

In this week’s podcast episode, Hallie has a fun and honest conversation with Jessie Blois, mama of 2, wife, speech and language pathologist, myofunctional therapist, business owner and Inner Work coach for women. 

Hallie and Jessie talk about the challenges and benefits of operating a private practice, the concept of “hire slow, fire fast”, the impact of unethical behavior, and the value of self-trust and inner work in making hiring decisions and more. 

Join them as they delve into these important and interesting topics about hiring and learning to *truly* trust your gut as a business owner. 

If this episode has resonated with you in some way, take a screenshot of you listening, post it to your Instagram Stories, and tag Hallie @halliebulkin and Jessie @jessieblois

In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • How to Hire Using Intuition & Self-Trust
  • Finding the Perfect Team to Represent Your Business 
  • Hire Slow, Fire Fast: Learn From Past Experiences to Create a Positive, Cooperative Company Culture 
  • Hiring Slowly: Keeping the Best Interests of Children and Families in Mind 
  • Creating a Culture of Sustainability and Family-Centered Care in Therapy Businesses 
  • The Impact of Unethical Behavior in the Therapy Setting 
  • The Benefits of Doing Inner Work to Achieve Success 
  • From Speech Therapist To Business Owner: Navigating The Transition  
  • Operating a Small SLP Practice – The Benefits and Challenges 
  • The Power of Manifesting with Intuition and Faith 
  • Life Happens: Taking Time to Focus on Yourself and Your Family 
  • The Power of Taking Time to Yourself as a Woman Business Owner 


Get to know Jessie Blois on Instagram,  visit her website ,and listen to her podcast

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