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Episode 232:  You Can Heal Yourself with John D McLaughlin RN, BSN, CFT Practitioner

In this week’s episode, we’re taking a closer look at holistic wellness. Join Hallie as she explores the amazing world of craniofacial therapy with John McLaughlin. John, an experienced RN, BSN, and skilled CFT Practitioner, is the driving force behind Midcoast Fascial Therapy.

John’s journey into the realm of CFT started when he wanted to help his own family. Now, he’s not only providing CFT to other states but also fulfilling his promise to bring its benefits to as many people as possible in Maine and New England.

Listen as John and Hallie talk about the benefits of craniosacral therapy for oral tissue release, the importance of preparing the body before surgical procedures, and learn about how connections can impact the healing process in a big way.

Join us as they stress the importance of taking time for yourself and staying grounded, talk about simple strategies that can really change your life though grounding, self-care, and MORE!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • The Benefits of Craniosacral Fascial Therapy for Oral Tissue Release 
  • Exploring Craniofacial Therapy for Holistic Wellness & Healing 
  • The Importance of Prepping Your Body Before Surgical Procedures with TOTs 
  • Working with Therapists, Oral Hygienists, and Orthodontists 
  • The Power of Trusting Your Gut: Healing is an Active Process 
  • The Power of Connection in Therapy
  • Getting Out of Fight or Flight: The Benefits of CFT and Intuition 
  • The Healing Benefits of CFT: Unlocking the Potential for Emotional Releases
  • Ready for Expansion: Making Sure You and Your Child’s Nervous Systems are Prepared for Treatment 
  • Understanding the Power of Myofunctional Therapy 
  • Connecting with Patients: An Important Element of Therapy 
  • Simple Strategies to Completely Transform Your Life 
  • Benefits of Grounding and Self-Care 
  • The Power of Manifesting and Finding Your Purpose 


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