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Episode 236:  From Imposter Syndrome to Feeling Like a Badass with Michael Johnston, MCD, CCC-SLP

In this week’s podcast, join Hallie and Michael as they talk about business ownership and their private practice experiences. Michael Bagley Johnston is a nationally certified and state-licensed speech-language pathologist who opened a practice to give back to her local community. 

Michael shares her journey to private practice ownership, the challenges and rewards it brings, and how community support and outreach is important in building trust and relationships.

They also talk about wearing different hats,  balancing roles, and the importance of letting go of perfectionism and learning to delegate.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Michael’s Journey to Private Practice Ownership 
  • A Growing Need in Rural Communities: How Pediatric Therapy Can Change Lives 
  • Taking the Leap From Feed The Peds® to Pediatric Feeding Therapy 
  • The vision for FUNdamental Pediatric Therapy: A journey to finding the answers 
  • Collaboration in a multidisciplinary clinic 
  • Community support and outreach: The importance of building trust and relationships 
  • Wearing every hat: What is balance? 
  • What Michael wishes she would have known a year ago from someone still in the trenches 
  • From imposter syndrome to feeling like a badass (all in the same day)


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