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Episode 235:  Pediatric Airway Orthodontics with Dr. Jamie Liu, BSc. DDS. AEGD

This week, Hallie is joined by Dr. Jamie Liu,  a general dentist with over two decades of experience in London, Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Liu’s pediatric airway journey began when she was inspired by her hygienist’s breastfeeding struggles. She also shares her experience as a mom going through her own child’s journey. 

Recognizing the need for specialized care in her community, she jumped into the world of tethered oral tissues and airway dentistry. Not only does Dr. Liu share what she has learned as a practitioner in this space, but she speaks to what it takes to achieve a successful tethered oral tissue (TOTs) release. 

Dr. Liu and Hallie also discuss holistic health care and the importance of proper airway and orthodontic care for children, including the benefits of various expansion appliances. Integrated treatment plans, myofunctional therapy, feeding therapy, bodywork, supporting the caregiver(s) and more are also covered.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Airway and Holistic Health Care 
  • Proper Airway and Orthodontic Care in Pediatrics 
  • An Investment That Paid Off: Dr. Liu’s Biggest Achievement 
  • The Benefits of Oral Appliances for Treating Children’s Orthodontic Issues 
  • Understanding Airway Space and Treatment Plans for Children’s Oral Health
  • Building an Integrated Treatment Plan 
  • The Role of Body Work 
  • The Importance of Caregiver Support 
  • Working Together for Successful TOT Release: Understanding the Process 


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