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Episode 238: Passion, Purpose, and Pivoting with Kelly B. Wenger M.S, CCC-SLP, ATACP

In this week’s podcast episode, Hallie is joined by Kelly Wegner, a speech-language pathologist and the passionate founder of Nurture Well. Kelly’s mission with Nurture Well is to offer support to families struggling with feeding and communication development.

Kelly’s passion for pediatric feeding therapy began with the birth of her son and her own breastfeeding experience. Her love for babies and the feeding process inspired her to open her private practice to fill the need for qualified therapists in her community. Kelly’s ultimate goal is to help others have a blissful feeding experience like her own.

Join Hallie and Kelly on this episode as they talk about Kelly’s inspiring journey to becoming a feeding therapist, and how she pivoted from working in schools to starting her own private practice. 

Learn about the power of networking, building a professional team, and taking the leap into private practice. Discover the benefits of technology in your business, the financial and time investments required, and the importance of continuing education.. 

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Kelly’s Journey to Becoming a Feeding Therapist
  • Pivoting from the Schools into Private Practice
  • Networking to Fulfill a Need in the Feeding SLP Space
  • Importance of Asking Questions and Keeping the Conversations Going with Other Providers
  • Building a Team of Professionals to Treat Pediatric Feeding and Swallowing Issues 
  • How Taking a Leap Into Private Practice
  • Benefits of Technology for Your Private Practice 
  • The Financial and Time Investment in Starting Your Own Business
  • Trusting the Process: Following an Evolving Business Plan
  • Importance of Being a Life-long Learner Through Continuing Education


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