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Episode 244:  Nobody Knows Your Baby Like You Do with Erica Bonner, OTR/L, CLT

This week on The Untethered Podcast, Hallie has an inspiring conversation with Erica Bonner, a mom and occupational therapist whose own challenges with latching and feeding her daughter started her journey into the myo world. 

Join them as Erica opens up about her journey as a first-time mom, navigating the hurdles of latching and feeding issues, addressing tongue tie concerns, and grappling with societal pressures on parents (especially first-time parents). She also sheds light on the often overlooked issue of gaslighting within the healthcare system and more!

Tune in as Erica’s story definitely proves that nobody knows your baby like you do.  

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Erica’s Struggles With Latching and Feeding Her Daughter
  • Her Journey to Helping Her Daughter and Entry Into The Myo World
  • The Impact of Gaslighting and Dismissal in Parenting 
  • Erica’s Experience With Unanswered Questions About Her Daughter’s Health
  • Mother’s Instincts and Blanket Statements in Healthcare
  • Trusting Your God-given Mama Instincts
  • The Importance of Taking a Mother’s Opinions Seriously and Not Dismissing It As PPD or PPA
  • The Power of the Tongue: The Ability to Speak Life Into Others 


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