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Episode 252:  Nurturing Little Eaters with Tiffany Zilberman M.S. CCC-SLP

This week on the podcast, Hallie sits down with Tiffany Zilberman, a remarkable mom of three (including a toddler and twins) and a feeding therapist who journeyed from treating dysphagia in geriatrics to specializing in pediatrics.

Join the conversation as they explore how Feed The Peds® and Tiffany’s personal experiences as a twin mom affirmed her decision to specialize in pediatric care. Discover the unique challenges she faces, wearing both hats as a therapist and a twin mom, navigating issues like lip ties, bottle feeding, and more.

Starting her private practice called Little Eaters, Tiffany prioritizes home visits, creating a comfortable environment for children’s natural feeding development. In a community lacking feeding therapists, she becomes a valuable resource for moms navigating uncertainties. 

The episode unfolds with insights into Tiffany’s most recent case, where she shares her approach to guiding a 4-year-old boy. Hear about the significance of making food exploration a delightful experience for both parents and kids. 

Join Hallie and Tiffany in this insightful conversation about nurturing little eaters and empowering parents through the journey of pediatric feeding therapy.

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Tiffany’s journey towards treating dysphagia in the pediatric population
  • Differences between working with pediatric and adult populations
  • Tiffany’s own feeding struggles with her twins
  • Starting a private practice
  • Early intervention and support for parents
  • Providing support and resources to parents
  • Challenges of getting children to eat
  • Impact of school environments on children’s eating habits
  • Virtual services offered by a feeding therapist
  • Using play-based activities to help children explore different textures
  • Understanding cultural backgrounds and traditions when working with families
  • Importance of continued exposure and celebrating small victories in feeding



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