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Episode 269:  Trusting Your Mom Gut with Becky Birkenfeld MS-CCC, SLP

This week on the podcast, Hallie welcomes Becky Birkenfeld, a speech-language pathologist and feeding therapist. Becky runs a home-based practice, specializing in early language acquisition, autism, and extreme picky eating, offering in-home treatment and hands-on parent support.

Join them as Becky shares her daughter’s airway journey and her personal journey in helping children with communication and feeding issues. In this episode, she discusses the importance of early intervention and the joy of helping children learn to communicate. 

In this conversation, Hallie and Becky also discuss their experiences with tongue ties and its impact on their children’s speech and development,  sharing their journeys of seeking treatment,  the challenges they faced along the way and more!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Becky’s daughter’s airway journey
  • The Power of Communication
  • Journey to Addressing Airway Health
  • Impact of Functional Medicine
  • Becky and Hallie’s Personal Experiences with Tongue Ties
  • The Role of Expansion and Bodywork
  • Importance of Early Intervention
  • Finding the Right Healthcare Professionals



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