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Episode 214:  An update from a 7-year-olds perspective with Lily & Hallie Bulkin

On take your child to work day, Hallie invited Lily, her 7.5 year old daughter back onto the podcast. They discuss Lily’s medical history, her take on different food and so much more! At this point, Lily has had a tongue tie release, feeding therapy, myofunctional therapy, early expansion with an ALF appliance, followed by a Hyrax RPE with a forward growth component and is in a permanent retainer at the moment that will come out summer 2023. 

We dive a bit deeper into these topics. Join us and be sure to listen ALL the way to the end; Lily will give you a good laugh! 

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In this episode you’ll hear: 

  • Hallie & Lily give a summary of Lily’s history from birth through 7.5 years of age 
  • Lily share some of her favorite foods and foods she doesn’t care for
  • Selective eating vs. adventurous eating
  • Early dental expansion: Lily’s Story
  • Exploring delayed tooth eruption
  • Losing teeth & the tooth fairy
  • Lily’s perspective on how her mom (Hallie) chose a [airway] dentist for growth appliance intervention


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