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Episode 215:  Airway-Focused Dentistry and Myofunctional Therapy with Dr. Annie Babb, DDS

In this week’s episode, Hallie chats with Dr. Annie, who is passionate about airway-focused dentistry – an approach that places an emphasis on improving a patient’s airway and breathing. She shares how her own experience with breathing issues led her to discover the importance of airway-focused dentistry which allowed her to become a better practitioner. 

Dr. Annie also talks about how she and her colleagues at Braces for All Ages use myofunctional therapy and a holistic, collaborative approach to care for patients whether they need myo, a frenectomy and/or airway expansion. She shares how they work closely with other providers in their community to help patients get the best results for their current and future health.

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In this episode you’ll hear about: 

  • Practicing Airway Focused Dentistry
  • Building a Holistic Approach to Growing Airway and Palate for Better Health
  • Combining Specialties for Optimal Healthcare Results
  • Preparing for Lip Release: Pre-Operative Steps and Myofunctional Therapy
  • A Lightbulb Moment: Exploring Jaw Misalignment and Tongue Ties
  • Uncovering the Role of the Tongue in Facial Development and Speech Therapy
  • Addressing Tongue Restriction to Improve Speech: A Unique Case Study
  • The Impact of Tongue Ties: How Treating a Common Condition Can Transform Lives
  • Collaborative Care: Putting the Child First to Make Life-Changing Results
  • The Benefits of Building a Wider Care Team for Upper Airway Issues
  • The Benefits of Pursuing A Holistic Approach to Healthcare: A Journey of Learning and Passion


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