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Episode 227:  Less Is More: Pediatric Feeding Exercises

In this week’s episode, join Hallie as she shares her personal and unique perspective on the philosophy of “Less is More” in Pediatric Feeding Therapy. She delves deep into the significance of understanding exercises, repetitions, and individual needs when working with infants and toddlers who face feeding challenges.

Hallie also explores how to help children develop oral motor skills, which are essential for feeding (and more!), and shares practical tips and insights on how to determine which muscles need to be addressed.

Grab your headphones and get ready to be inspired!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Less is More in Feeding Therapy: Hallie’s Perspective 
  • Less is More in Pediatric Feeding Therapy: Understanding Exercises, Repetitions, and Individual Needs 
  • Developing A Sensori-Oral Motor Foundation in Pediatric Feeding Therapy 
  • Developing Functional Skills for Oral Motor Movements


Pediatric feeding screenings are critical! All pediatric SLPs & OTs should know how to screen, even if you don’t work in ped feeding! 

If a child has a speech sound disorder and/or sensory feeding challenges there’s likely an oral motor deficit at play. We need to screen all of our pediatric patients to know if further evaluation is needed. After all, if additional services are needed, it’s our job to provide them and help our littlest patients function optimally!

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