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Episode 250:  Community Matters with Marie Cannon, MA, CCC-SLP, CMT®

In this week’s episode, Hallie has a fun conversation with Marie Cannon, a Myo Membership® member who found her calling in myofunctional therapy. Dive into Marie’s journey, from alumna of Feed The Peds® and The Myo Method® to running her own practice. Learn how the Membership’s support, lifetime course materials, and the CMT® certification helped her patients and her business. 

Listen in as they discuss the significance of cultivating meaningful connections with patients and the importance of cultural responsiveness in the field, and more!

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In this episode, you’ll hear:

  • Marie’s journey with the Feed The Peds®, Myo membership®, and Myo Method®
  • Myofunctional therapy’s holistic approach
  • Supportive and welcoming community of the Myo membership®
  • Helpful business plans and resources provided by the Myo membership®
  • Importance of building relationships with patients and being culturally responsive
  • Ongoing access to course materials and continuous learning
  • Impact of Myo courses on Marie’s clinical practice, especially in pediatric feeding
  • Certification in the Certified Myofunctional Therapist® (CMT®) program and attracting clients
  • Challenges and rewards of opening her own practice




Pediatric feeding screenings are critical! All pediatric SLPs & OTs should know how to screen, even if you don’t work in ped feeding! 

If a child has a speech sound disorder and/or sensory feeding challenges there’s likely an oral motor deficit at play. We need to screen all of our pediatric patients to know if further evaluation is needed. Afterall, if additional services are needed, it’s our job to provide them and help our littlest patients function optimally! 

If you’re an SLP or OT (students welcome, too!), join Hallie and thousands of your SLP & OT colleagues for a FREE 5-day training and screen your first pediatric feeding patient. Over 20,348+ SLPs & OTs have already completed this free training. Now it’s YOUR TURN! 

Here’s what you’ll get:

  • Free training January 22-26, 2024: Hallie will bring the patients!
  • 5 Hours on a certificate of completion to count toward your renewal hours.
  • Opportunity to earn 1 of 5 Full Scholarships  [2 needs based] to the 12-week Feed The Peds® course
  • A free pediatric feeding screening packet.

Inside the free screening packet, you’ll find:

  • A pediatric development chart from birth to 36 months of age 
  • A checklist with the 50 most common symptoms 
  • A chart to easily organize findings & determine if further assessment is needed
  • A referral form to easily refer patients to other specialists, when needed

Doors to Feed The Peds® [the 12-week course] will be open 

January 29 – February 2, 2024! 

Bonus: enroll in the 12 week course and you’ll get the 5 hours from the free training for official ASHA and AOTA CEUs!



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